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Welcome! We’re excited that you want to learn about us. Facts2Go is the leading online source of fun facts and information with a pretty cool team behind it. Our knowledge experts spend their days scouring the lands of the Internet, dusty old literature and history books plus the latest news outlets to bring you the most entertaining, humorous, and remarkable facts from around the world.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory line to tell you our story, shall we?

Back in 1991, this thing called the ‘World Wide Web’ was introduced to the world. Soon, the world became this connected place where everyone ‘visited’ to find new information. In 1998, Google came into existence. Around 2006, the first smartphones (with full-color touchscreens, finally) saw the light of the day. Soon, everyone started to use the Internet on their phones, carrying ‘mini-computers’ in their pockets, starting new businesses online, improving the world, expanding the World Wide Web to billions of users, hundreds of countries, still only one Google, trillions of songs, social media, millions of influencers, opportunities everywhere, cash cows, electric cars, kitchen robots… Phew! Welcome to today.

Men and women are busier than ever, smarter than most, and consume content like never before. There’s no time to waste – new knowledge is consumed on the go.

Finding, reading, and sharing new information online must be quick, easy, and interesting for everyone. It’s why we started Facts2Go – to be the leading daily source of fun facts from around the world.

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